The Oral-nasal cavity and surrounding structures have 3 important functions for humans: The first one is vital which is breathing. We cannot hold our breath more than a few minutes The second one is chewing, which is an equally important function to get nutrients necessary for our body and [...]

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How to Find a Good Dentist?

Are you looking for a good family dentist or cosmetic dentist? Finding the right dental professional can be challenging. However, with the right tools, you can find the right dentist to fit your oral care needs.  Whether you’re moving to a new city, your employer switched dental insurance plans, or [...]

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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Despite routine check-ups, a healthy dental hygiene routine, and the latest dentistry advances, many people suffer from tooth loss during their life. Whether it’s from trauma, tooth decay, or periodontal disease, more and more patients opt for dental implants to replace their teeth, restore function, and improve their appearance. [...]

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How to Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

When you hear the phrase “I’m having my wisdom teeth removed,” you’re likely to listen to a few horror stories of how painful the experience was. However, wisdom teeth removal is very common. When you’re prepared, you can minimize your pre-surgery anxiety, as well as the potential for post-extraction [...]

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What Causes a Bad Breath (Halitosis)

It was only a couple of weeks ago that a salesperson representing a reputable company approached me in hopes of advocating a product he was promoting. While the first thing we notice is the person's appearance, and he looked well polished in his business suit, the second thing we notice [...]

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What to Expect During Your Next Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are an essential part of preventative oral care. Cleanings are completed by licensed and registered dental hygienists who are fully trained and skilled to remove tartar, plaque, and stains that are impossible to remove on your own. Unfortunately, many people skip their bi-annual dental cleaning, assuming it’s [...]

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Habits That Accelerate The Dental Ageing Process

The most outer layer of our teeth, enamel, is the whitest and strongest layer. Beneath that is dentine, which is weaker and more yellow in colour. As we age, our teeth start to wear down gradually. This means that the enamel layer starts to wear thin and exposes the dentine [...]

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Two Deadly Networking Sins From Dental Point Of View

Today, networking is an essential activity for businessmen and businesswomen. It is a great way to socialise with people from various industries and exchange ideas. Networking helps businesses to be more exposed, provides support from high profile professionals, as well as provides new opportunities for growth. Naturally, we all want [...]

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