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There has been a paradigm shift in orthodontic treatment for the past two decades. Fixed braces were the only treatment option in the past and the orthodontic treatment, once considered a treatment limited to children and adolescents is a favorite of adults. Today, orthodontic treatment has become part of daily life for adults thanks to modern techniques that are much more comfortable and less noticeable compared with conventional fixed braces.  Invisalign®, a product of the ultimate digital technology is a clear alternative to conventional braces.

Why Invisalign®?

Invisalign has clearly many advantages over traditional fixed braces particularly the metal ones:

  • They suit the adults’ way of life. You can talk, drink, exercise without restrictions.
  • Feel confident in your social life. Aligners are clear, smooth, and almost invisible on the teeth.
  • Relatively shorter treatments with less frequent dental visits.
  • Since they are removable, keeping oral hygiene is easier and you can enjoy all kinds of food.
  • No cheek and gum irritations because there is no wire.
  • Invisalign® has been working on improving the quality of the treatment results and is the leading clear aligner provider in the Middle East.

how does invisalign work

How does It work?

The first step is to get an assessment by a certified orthodontist or dental professional.  Following an examination and taking your dental records such as digital scans, x rays, and dental photographs, the dentist will tell you if you are eligible for clear aligner treatment.  Today a high percentage of orthodontic problems could be successfully treated with Invisalign. Through digital dental scans, your dentist will map out a custom-made treatment plan using ClinCheck 3D software. Within a few minutes, you will see an image of your potential new smile. Following

the final treatment plan for your Invisalign aligners will be produced by advanced technology and delivered in a few weeks.

Invisalign® consists of several custom-made clear aligners. Your doctor will tell you how often you need to wear each one and how long your treatment will be. Typically, you wear each aligner for 20 to 22 hours a day for about one to two weeks (depending on your need) and go for the next one until the perfect alignment and smile have been achieved. You may need to visit your doctor every month or every six weeks to keep your treatment under control. Once you complete your treatment your doctor will prescribe custom-made clear retainers you will start wearing only at night.


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