Orthodontics is specifically concerned with diagnosing and treating dental irregularities, misalignment and discrepancies between the jaws. It is a way of straightening or moving teeth, to improve the appearance and functions of the teeth.

At Dr. Tosun Dental Clinic we believe everyone deserves the confidence and quality of life that comes with a healthy beautiful smile and we believe a smile can change lives. We are passionate about delivering outstanding orthodontic services to our patients through great communication and compassion. Dr. Tosun is a well renowned respected Orthodontist and he and his team use latest technology and modern methods to deliver exceptional smiles that change lives.

In our clinic, we provide ideal orthodontic solutions for both children and adults through a wide range of techniques such as:

Invisalign® Clear Aligners
Incognito™ Lingual Braces
Ceramic Braces
Inman Aligners

Orthodontic care is not a “One size fits all” approach. Each patient has a unique problem that requires a unique treatment plan. The diagnosis of your child`s problem and the treatment plan are the result of your child`s mouth and diagnostic records. It is usually difficult for you to determine if treatment is necessary because there are many problems that can occur even though the front teeth look straight. Conversely, there are some conditions, which look intimidating and complex that will resolve on their own. We are your best resource since orthodontics is our specialty. We would be more than happy to see your child and make any recommendations necessary.

We highly recommend that your child be evaluated by age 7. Early detection of some orthodontic problems is important in order to take early corrective action and avoid more difficult treatment later.

By age 7, enough permanent teeth have come in and enough jaw growth has occurred that the dentist or orthodontist can identify current problems, anticipate future problems and alleviate parents’ concerns if all seems normal. The first permanent molars and incisors have usually come in by age 7 and cross-bites, crowding and developing injury-prone dental protrusions can be evaluated.

Some signs or habits that may indicate the need for an early orthodontic examination are:

  • crowding, misplaced or blocked out teeth,
  • mouth breathing, snoring,
  • grinding teeth
  • finger sucking,
  • jaws that shift or make sounds,
  • teeth that meet abnormally or not at all, and jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face.
  • early or late loss of baby teeth,
  • difficulty in chewing or biting,

Clearly, there is a great advantage in treating many orthodontic problems at an early age:

They and their peers know the eventual outcome and they’re proud of their braces.

  • it reduces treatment time in adolescent years.
  • it reduces the need for patient cooperation.
  • it reduces the need for extraction of permanent teeth.


and 1/5 of patients in our practice do not even need a phase II treatment. An added plus is that most children don’t need to be urged into treatment; they are curious and usually welcome braces.

The orthodontist’s goal is to balance and harmonize the patient’s growth at this very important early age. Having nicely aligned teeth is a small yet important part of the evaluation of a successfully treated case; however, the true measure of success is reflected in the total dentofacial balance achieved. With early treatment this balance is most often dramatically improved.

Successful orthodontic care is a wise investment. It may reduce the cost of future dental care and it can contribute to comfort, good health, improved appearance and enhances self-esteem. The psychological benefits of orthodontic treatment are lifelong and invaluable. The orthodontic specialist shapes health—not just teeth. There is a difference.

Absolutely not! Only certain bites require early intervention. All others can wait until most if not all their permanent teeth erupt.

In general, active treatment time with braces ranges from one to two years. Early treatment procedures may take only a few months. The actual time depends on the growth of the patient’s jaws and face, the cooperation of the patient and the severity of the problem. Mild problems usually require less time and some individuals respond faster to treatment than others. Proper use of rubber bands, if prescribed by the orthodontist, contributes to completing treatment as scheduled. While orthodontic treatment requires a time commitment, patients are rewarded with healthy teeth, proper jaw alignment and a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

After braces are removed, the teeth can shift out of position if they are not stabilized. Retainers provide that stabilization. They are designed to hold teeth in their corrected, ideal positions until the bones and gums adapt to the treatment changes. Wearing retainers exactly as instructed is the best insurance that the treatment improvements last for a lifetime, otherwise your teeth may move toward their original positions and the benefit of wearing your braces will be lost. Our orthodontist will determine the type needed and how long you need to wear your retainer. Time varies with each patient. Some people may need retainers for an extended period of time in order to eliminate shifting of the teeth. In some cases, permanent retention may be necessary. The retention period is an important part of your overall treatment and should not be neglected!

Studies have shown that as people age, their teeth may shift. This variable pattern of gradual shifting, called “maturational change”, probably slows down after the early 20s, but still continues to a degree throughout life for most people. Even children whose teeth developed into ideal alignment and bite without treatment may develop orthodontic problems as adults. The most common maturational change is crowding of the lower front teeth. Clenching or griding teeth at night, biting nails, lips or cheeks may contribute to this process. Wearing retainers as instructed after orthodontic treatment will stabilize the correction. Beyond the period of full-time retainer wear, nighttime retainer wear can prevent maturational shifting of the teeth.


Research has shown that wisdom teeth do not cause or contribute to the progressive crowding of lower front teeth that can develop in the late teen years and beyond.

Healthy teeth can be moved at almost any age. Many orthodontic problems can be corrected as easily and as well for adults as children. Orthodontic forces move the teeth in the same way for both a 75-year-old adult and a 12-year-old child. Complicating factors, such as lack of jaw growth, may create special treatment planning needs for the adult.

Adults are not growing and may have experienced some breakdown or loss of their teeth and bone that supports the teeth. Orthodontic treatment may then be only a part of the patient’s overall treatment plan. Close coordination may be required between orthodontist, oral surgeon, periodontist, endodontist and family dentist to assure that a complicated adult orthodontic problem is managed well and complements all other areas of the patient’s treatment needs.

Today Invisalign Clear Aligners, ceramic and stainless steel are most commonly used brace materials. Technically there are no major differences between these three types of braces. Children and adolescents enjoy changing the appearance of their braces with colored ligatures at successive appointments.

Today’s braces are generally less noticeable than those of the past. Invisalign Clear Aligners are great options for adults as well as teens who need orthodontic treatment as they are almost invisible. Ceramic braces combined with tooth-colored wires and clear ligature elastics are less noticable and aesthetic ones. Today’s wires are cutting edge technology materials that exert a steady, gentle pressure on the teeth, so that the tooth-moving process may be faster and more comfortable for patients.

Invisalign® consists of several custom-made clear aligners. Your doctor will tell you how often you need to wear each one and how long your treatment will be. Typically, you wear each aligner for 20 to 22 hours a day for about one to two weeks (depending on your need) and go for the next one until the perfect alignment and smile has been achieved. You may need to visit your doctor every month or every six weeks to keep your treatment under control. Once you complete your treatment your doctor will prescribe custom made clear retainers you will start wearing only at night.

Invisalign has clearly many advantages over traditional fixed braces particularly the metal ones:

  • They suit the adults’ way of life. You can talk, drink, exercise without restrictions.
  • Feel confident in your social life. Aligners are clear, smooth and almost invisible on the teeth.
  • Relatively shorter treatments with less frequent dental visits.
  • Since they are removable, keeping the oral hygiene is easier and you can enjoy all kind of food.
  • No cheek and gum irritations because there is no wire.

Incognito Lingual Braces are mounted behind a patient’s teeth and are not visible. Lingual braces work same as fixed braces.

Since Invisalign Clear Aligners are removable, keeping the oral hygiene is not a problem anymore.

Patients with braces must be careful to avoid hard and sticky foods. They must not chew on pens or fingernails because chewing on hard things can damage the braces. Damaged braces will almost always cause treatment to take longer and will require extra trips to the orthodontist’s office.

Keeping the teeth and braces clean requires more precision and time and must be done every day if the teeth and gums are to be healthy during and after orthodontic treatment. Patients who do not keep their teeth clean may require more frequent visits to the dentist for a professional cleaning.

We teach our patients how to best care for their teeth, gums and braces during treatment and how often to brush, floss and suggest other cleaning aids that might help them maintain good dental health.


Invisalign® clear aligners

The Invisalign® clear aligner system is an alternative to traditional braces. It is a convenient, safe and comfortable way to straighten teeth. As they are almost invisible, people who are hesitant about wearing braces usually prefer them. Invisalign® provides a series of custom-made aligner trays that gently shift your teeth into place. These aligners have no metal brackets or wires and can be removed when eating, brushing, flossing etc.

  • They are invisible
  • They are removable
  • It is easy to clean teeth and help maintain oral hygiene
  • You are able to enjoy all type of foods
  • The system requires fewer visits to the dentist
  • You can take out your aligners to eat or drink whenever you want.
  • You can remove your aligners, so you can brush and floss regularly, and keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • You can occasionally remove your aligners and enjoy a special night out.
  • There’s no need to change a thing. Continue your day-to-day activities while still straightening your teeth.
  • Since they are clear, you don’t have to hide your smile while going through treatment.
  • With Invisalign® treatment, it’s easy to make your smile picture perfect for that special occasion.

Incognito™ lingual braces are an advanced generation of orthodontic treatment prepared uniquely for each individual – allowing us to successfully treat a broad range of cases. Incognito™ Appliance System features fully customised brackets, wires and bonding trays to deliver a predictable, efficient and effective treatment outcome to all patients. They are fixed to the inner surfaces of your teeth so are not visible and are an ideal solution for teeth straightening for both children and adults.

  • They are fixed on the inner surfaces of the teeth and are therefore not noticeable
  • They work in the same way as traditional braces
  • They are not removable thus work 24/7 to create your perfect smile
  • They are customized with intelligent wires and brackets for you to achieve the individual result you desire
  • They provide maximum aesthetics with minimal discomfort and speech interference.
  • The braces are fully customised to fit your teeth for best results.
  • Treatment times and appointment sequence are the same as regular braces.

Most teens and adults who have all of their permanent teeth should be able to wear Incognito™ Lingual Braces.

Most orthodontists are not trained in using Lingual Braces. It takes additional training and a great deal of experience to become proficient in this technique.

Incognito™ Lingual Braces


Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are a great choice for both children and adults as the ceramic brackets match the colour of your teeth making them less noticeable.

Treatment times, comfort and appointment sequence are the same as conventional metal braces. In our clinic, we offer the highest quality of ceramic braces providing excellent results every time.

  • They bond to teeth as strong as metal braces.
  • No discoloration throughout the treatment as the ceramic brackets are stain-resistant
  • Less noticeable because brackets match the colour of the teeth.

The patented Inman Aligner is a great choice for aligning the four front teeth in a very short period of time. It is an ideal solution for mild to moderate crooked teeth.

  • The teeth are gently guided to their ideal position. Treatment is usually completed in 6-18 weeks which is relatively fast working system compared to other techniques.
  • The Inman Aligner is safe and kind to teeth.
  • It’s removable so you can take it out to fit your lifestyle.
The Inman Aligner is designed to treat the upper and lower front teeth only. After an evaluation, Dr. Tosun can determine if the Inman Aligner is right for your case and will recommend treatment options.

Inman Aligners


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