10 Reasons To Make An Appointment With A Dental Hygienist.

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All, Category 1
  1. To Prevent Gum Disease –Gingivitis aka gum disease is the number one disease in the world and effects all of us at some point in time.  It is the bodies reaction to bacterial plaque which causes bleeding gums and if left untreated can lead to periodontitis which can lead to tooth loss. Your Dental Hygienist will not only treat and prevent gum disease but will give you the control to prevent it yourself at home with a better oral hygiene regime.
  2. To Prevent Bad Breath –Bad breath or Halitosis can be caused by oral bacteria or other under laying systemic illness.  Your hygienist will be able to help you find the cause and maybe able to alleviate it, leaving your breath fresh.
  3. To Have A Whiter Smile –stains can easily build up on teeth unfortunately some of which brushing alone will not remove.  The hygienist has many ways of removing these stains to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness or even some dental whitening maybe needed.
  4. Prevent systemic Diseases –Poor dental hygiene has been linked to the development of several systemic diseases including; heart disease, diabetes and respiratory problems.
  5. To Screen For Mouth Cancer –Your hygienist will screen you for mouth cancer and will give you advice on risk factors and how to reduce them.  Risk factors include smoking, alcohol and infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
  6. reasons to make appointment with dental hygienistSmile Like You Mean It – Feel good factor – If your mouth feels clean, it makes you feel good. If you feel your teeth are whiter or less stained, it improves your confidence. The feeling of fresher breath makes us more comfortable with people.
  7. To Prevent and Detect Other Dental Problems –It may be that you are not seeing a dentist regularly but want to have your teeth cleaned. Your hygienist will be able to give you dental caries prevention advice, identify and advise you of any problems such as early decay, defective fillings or infections that you may be unaware of.
  8. To Keep Your Teeth –Gum disease is the number one cause for an adult patient losing a tooth. The hygienist’s number one mission is prevention.
  9. Cleaning Those Hard to Reach Spots –Some people have excellent oral hygiene. Whilst these people may not need to see a dental hygienist as often, it is still extremely important to see one, to keep their mouths in the health they have become used to.
  10. Save Money – prevention is cheaper than the cure. Dentistry isn’t expensive neglect is

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