Many of us ignore our mouths, this allows problems to develop and only visit a dental professional when we have symptoms.  The two major problems which will probably affect all us at some point are bleeding gums and tooth pain.

Bleeding gums….

If your eyes started to bleed when you rubbed them, what would you do?  Run to the doctor -right?  But many people except their bleeding gums as normal.  Bleeding gums is a sign of unhealthy mouth caused by our body’s reaction to bacterial toxins which when left can damage our teeth and gums and may not only result in tooth loss but can affect our general health.

Tooth Pain….

Is usually a symptom of a cavity that if not treated immediately could result in costly treatment or tooth loss.

These problems along with other oral diseases are preventable by seeking advice and regular dental examinations.   Tooth brushing, diet advice and regular visits to your dental hygienist will help maintain good oral health.  Early diagnosis means easy treatment.