Biomimetic and Metal free Dentistry (life-like restorations)

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Nowadays dentistry is all metal free and all about biomimetics. Natural look and healthy function are the main objectives of biomimetic dentistry which keeps the patient’s long-term dental health in focus. By using advanced adhesive techniques and properly fashioned onlays, dentists can make sure that dental work will last for many years.

Traditional dentistry has several drawbacks that biomimetic dentistry resolves. Traditional dental techniques have not taken advantage of the advanced ceramics and adhesives developed by modern engineering. These new technologies allow dentists to use small onlays that work more like your own teeth than the large porcelain crowns used in traditional dentistry. Old techniques can cause your teeth to eventually crack and leak, allowing bacteria to leak into the tooth and eventually into roots which causes the need for root canal treatments.

The best dentistry is no dentistry at all, but since you may experience some tooth problems, the best way to repair it is to copy nature and repair your teeth the way nature would repair it. Biomimetic dentistry helps dentists to achieve this goal. With improved adhesives and ceramics, we can seal the tooth against bacterial leakage and achieve natural aesthetic outcomes.

If your old fillings start showing any signs of leakage or compromise, you should get them replaced using biomimetic methods immediately. Your old amalgam fillings (metal colored fillings which contain mercury), especially the ones which shows signs of corrosion, crowns which have metal should be changed and done with a conservative and natural way with the biomimetic dentistry principles.

Examples of biomimetic and metal free dentistry are below:

  • Metal free /Ceramic restoration (Onlay)

metal free ceramic restoration 01 metal free ceramic restoration

  • Digitally Produced Onlay

digitally produced onlay

  • Veneers (Life-like restoration of a broken anterior tooth)

veneers restoration of a broken anterior tooth veneers restoration of a broken anterior tooth 01


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