Dental Implant In Dubai - What It Entails And Its Advantages Over The Alternatives

Dental implant in Dubai is an increasingly popular search term for individuals who are concerned about their smiles. While everyone says that looks aren’t everything, it can really impact on your self-confidence if you have one or more teeth missing. Low self-confidence means you’re not making the most of yourself and fulfilling your potential. If you’re suffering in this way and are interested in what your options might be, this article is for you. It looks at why dental implants can be so beneficial over the alternatives and how a good dental clinic in Dubai can put the smile back on your face.

What Options A Dental Clinic In Dubai Can Offer If You Are Missing Teeth

If you’ve lost a tooth in an accident or through decay, your first option is to do nothing. This is clearly the least expensive route, especially compared to tooth implant cost in Dubai. But it may be the more expensive choice in the longer term. Each tooth in the mouth acts as an anchor and a support for the ones adjacent to it. If one of your teeth is missing for any period of time, then those either side of the gap may move out of alignment. This can have serious ramifications for the mouth’s health. Not only does your bite change – more likely becoming less effective for chewing and placing stress on the other side of your mouth – but your jawbone in that area won’t get the exercise it’s used to. That can lead to bone density loss in the jaw as you age, increasing the chances of further tooth loss. Another option is bridgework. This restores a full chewing surface to that side of your mouth. It also looks better than an empty gap! However, there are downsides compared to a dental implant or braces in Dubai. It can be difficult to maintain good oral hygiene with a bridge, for starters. Also, the two teeth either side of the gap, onto which the bridge is anchored, need to be adapted to hold the bridge in place. This often means they are ground down to two posts, onto which the bridge is mounted. If either of these teeth decay or become unstable, then the result is losing the whole chewing surface on that side of the mouth. A tooth implant Dubai may be the better option.

So Why Are The Best Dental Implants In Dubai The Most Effective Option For Missing Teeth?

First, let’s consider what a dental implant clinic in Dubai will do if you want an implant to replace a missing tooth. In summary, a dental implant is a metal frame or post that can be inserted surgically into your jawbone, beneath the gum line. Replacement teeth can then be mounted onto this post or frame. One of the main benefits is that these replacement teeth, whether mounted individually or as part of a bridge, feel far more stable than conventional bridges, because they are anchored to the jawbone. They neither shift nor slip in your mouth while you are eating or speaking, which can improve your confidence when doing either while out and about. They are almost indiscernible from ‘real’, natural teeth and once you’ve recovered from the initial treatment, you will barely notice they are there at all. Another advantage is that no existing teeth need to be altered in any way to hold the replacement tooth in place, so the procedure is less potentially damaging to your overall oral health in the future. Of course, it must be remembered that even the best dental implants in Dubai are just that: implants. As such, they need to be well looked after if you want them to last a long time. Regular visits to your dentist, great oral hygiene, taking care when eating, and giving up smoking all help. If you think a dental implant could make a positive difference to your life, choose the best possible clinic for your treatment. Dr. Tosun Dental Clinic LLC. offers a high-quality service.

Find Out Why Dr. Tosun Dental Clinic LLC. Offers The Best Service For A Dental Implant In Dubai

If you have lost a tooth and consider that a dental implant in Dubai may be the best solution, you’ll want a quality practitioner to carry out the work. Here at Dr. Tosun Dental Clinic LLC., we can offer the very best service. Our ethos is that the patient comes first, and everyone is treated as an individual. Contact us through our website,, or by phone on +971 4 343 5051, and we’ll arrange a consultation with you to go through your options. Once we’ve decided on the way forward, you’ll receive the best care from the highly qualified team at our dental clinic in Dubai.