dr samy darwish member of tosun dental clinic
Consultant Periodontist

Dr. Samy was born and grew up in UK where he graduated in Dentistry in 1997 having also intercalated a BSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology. Through a depth of experience and training, he became a Specialist in both Oral Surgery and Periodontology and is therefore accredited on two UK Specialist Lists.

In addition to his specialisation, Dr. Samy also completed a post-graduate University Diploma in Conscious Sedation in Dentistry so is therefore particularly skilled at managing patients who are anxious about their dental treatment. Furthermore, he completed a Master in Laws so carries a strong medico-legal ethos into his clinical practice, in particular practicing patient-centred ethical dentistry.

Dr. Samy is a Consultant Periodontist at Dr. Tosun’s Clinic and is happy to see any patient with gum diseases. As gum disease is largely a painless silent disease that dissolves the bone that holds teeth, Dr. Samy always encourages patients to be screened to check for any undiagnosed disease that they may be unaware of.

Despite working in London, Dr. Samy lives in Dubai with his wife and young son and readily sees our periodontal patients while here. Outside of work, Dr. Samy is a passionate Liverpool football supporter, and always carefully co-ordinates his London visits to coincide with when Liverpool are playing so he can attend the matches.

Dr. Samy is the Owner, Founder and Director of two large healthcare organisations in London, where he predominantly works, managing some 500 patients a month. His clinical experience is therefore amongst the highest available in Dubai.

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