Braces in Dubai - The Facts You Need To Know And The Results You Can Expect

Braces in Dubai are a fairly common occurrence nowadays, as they are across the world. We all know that braces are there to straighten teeth, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than this. The science behind dental braces and dental implant in Dubai is much older than you think, and the benefits of wearing them are probably far more extensive than is widely known. This article seeks to explain how braces work, who they are for, and the various types available to clients looking for services from a dental clinic in Dubai. Read on for more details.

Why Your Dental Clinic In Dubai May Recommend Braces And For Whom

We all have a mental picture of gawky teenagers with a mouthful of metal when we think of braces. In fact, though, braces nowadays are far more sophisticated than they used to be; and are just as suitable for adults as they are for children. They’re also not solely about addressing crooked teeth. While that’s one advantage, they can also assist with other issues. For instance, if your teeth are not naturally straight, then you are likely to experience difficulties with brushing and flossing. This can lead to poor oral hygiene and conditions such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease. Likewise, a significant underbite or overbite makes it harder to chew your food as you should. This can also lead to extra pressure and wear and tear on adjacent teeth; again, resulting in premature erosion and decay. What’s more, ensuring the teeth are aligned in the mouth as they should be with braces can help rectify speech problems. It’s worth noting that not just any dentist is qualified to design and fit braces. While all orthodontists study dentistry, they then go onto study for an additional two to three years. So, if you’re looking for braces in Dubai for yourself or your child, ensure the dentist you are consulting has the right level of qualifications. And while you want to save money where you can, it’s never worth opting for the cheapest braces in Dubai either. Remember, adult teeth must last a lifetime, and compromising on the quality of your’s or your children’s dental care now is a false economy in the longer term.

The History Behind Dubai Dental Braces And The Types Available

It may be surprising to learn that the history of Dubai dental braces dates all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times! Archaeologists have found mummies with lengths of animal intestines wrapped around the teeth in a way that closely resembles how braces are fitted today. There are few rational explanations for this, other than that the Egyptians valued straight teeth in a smile just as much as we do. However, even the first formally recorded use of braces dates back around three centuries. Pierre Fauchard, commonly referred to as the father of modern dentistry, was a French physician who specialised in the anatomy of the mouth and dental ailments. His experiments with gold wire to affix replacement teeth to neighbouring solid ones led to the discovery that even fully-grown teeth would adjust their position to align with the wires that bound them. Gold remained a popular metal in dentistry because of its malleability, but that made it expensive and financially out-of-reach for many patients. The turning point came with the development of nickel titanium, a light, thin, heat resistant but incredibly strong alloy. Originally created by NASA for shuttles, it subsequently became invaluable for shaping teeth from the 1960s onwards. Today, there are many options for clear or metal braces Dubai wide, depending on their purpose and the wishes of the patient. Invisalign, for instance, is a great choice for teeth braces in Dubai and beyond, for people who want straight teeth without people knowing they’re wearing any dental aid. Dr. Tosun Dental Clinic LLC. has the expertise to evaluate your individual requirements and suggest the best possible solution for you.

For The Perfect Treatment With Braces In Dubai, You Need Dr. Tosun Dental Clinic LLC.

So now you know a little more about braces in Dubai and beyond, you may be keen to explore the options for yourself or a family member. While such kinds of treatment can feel intimidating, there’s no need to fear if you book an appointment with our team at the Dr. Tosun Dental Clinic LLC. Our qualified dental and orthodontal experts evaluate each patient as an individual and work with them to design a treatment plan that is safe, effective, and comfortable for the individual concerned. Why not read more about the ethos behind our dental clinic in Dubai on our website at, and then ring us on +971 4 343 5051 or book an appointment online?